ATM Automated Teller Machine
Automated Teller Machine
ATM - Automated Teller Machine
A Few Reasons Why Your Retail Storefront Needs an Automated Teller ATM Machine

# 1 Customers want one !

Convenience - Having an ATM cash dispensing machine available makes it easy for customers to buy products at your store. Our full service Automated Teller Machine equipment solutions makes it easy for owners as well. 

Increase customers - Your customers will no longer have to stop at competitors to get cash. You will have patrons stopping at your business because you can accommodate their needs with cash to purchase goods. 

# 2 You will make more money !

Increased sales - An Automated teller machine terminal allows your customers access to all of their available cash from debit cards and savings accounts. When customers have more money, they tend to spend more money.

Increased profits - You will receive 100% of the surcharge revenue when you purchase or lease an ATM Machine and vault the cash yourself. If you opt for a free placement, our revenue sharing program provides additional profits on completed ATM transactions. 

Control bad debt - Cash does not bounce. Paper money does not have the issues like: charge backs, disputes, bad checks, and the stress associated with checks and credit cards. 

Reduce costs - By directing your customers to the ATM Machine system, you can greatly reduce the credit card processing rates and bank deposit fees you are currently paying at your retail business location. 
ATM Express is a full service Automated Teller Machine processing company. We offer an elite line of ATM machine mini bank equipment systems and services. ATM Express offers its merchants an opportunity to have their customers spend more cash at their retail location, and to make a profit on the debit card transaction surcharges as well. If you are a business owner who wants to expand revenue opportunities and increase profitability as well as foot traffic to your location then getting a cash dispensing ATM Teller Machine terminal system is a great solution for your business.

We can supply your business, retail storefront, deli, restaurant, convenience stores, liquor store, street fair festival, malls, bar, lounge, night club, hotel, motel, casino, gas station, college campus or universities with top of the line new Automated Teller Machine equipment such as Hantle Tranax, Triton, Nautilus Hyosung, Tidel, WRG, Qualtex, Genmega and more. We offer low cost leasing programs and also an inexpensive purchasing price when you purchase an ATM Machine. Buying an ATM system at your business means increased profits through surcharge income on customer withdrawals. Surcharge fees should earn enough money to cover the cost of the ATM terminal machine and as much as 60% of the cash withdrawn is spent at your retail location. Lease to Buy or Reprogram an ATM Machine for your business Today.  
ATM Machine
Automated Teller Machine
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ATM Express
ATM Express can provide & install an ATM Teller Machine at your location.
You can receive up to 100% of the revenue on each surcharge withdrawal.
ATM Express can provide cash loading services or you can load your own cash.
ATM Machine Agent Program
Install an ATM Teller Machine at your Retail or Restaurant Business Today !