Buying an ATM

How to Buy an Automated Teller Machine

Step-by-Step Guide to owning an ATM Machine
1. Who gets the ATM surcharge ?

The owner of the ATM can get up to 100% of the surcharge in certain scenarios. If the owner buys or owns the equipment outright and puts the cash inside the machine then they are a candidate to receive 100% of the surcharge profit. Owning your own ATM machine can be a lucrative and worthwhile investment for a business.

If a business owner is looking for a free placement of an automated teller machine or needs a vault cash provider to put the money inside the ATM machine then the percentage of the surcharge profit will be distributed differently. Every scenario will present a different distribution model and all possibilities will be negotiable with the ATM Express local representative.

2. Can the ATM surcharge be split ?

Yes, the surcharge can be split and deposited into any bank account in the USA. The surcharge can be split into multiple bank accounts as well.

3. How much is the ATM surcharge ?

The average surcharge is $1.50 but can be set at any amount. This will usually depend on the ATM owner and the transaction volume of the location.

4. How do I get my money back from ATM withdrawal transactions ?

The vault cash and surcharge profit are deposited into the banking accounts setup on file within 24 hours on weekdays.  The weekend funds from Saturday and Sunday ATM transactions are deposited on Monday.

5. What happens when a card user does not get enough or any money from an ATM transaction ?

This is extremely rare, but if this does happen, the card user should call their bank.  Our toll free phone number is on the ATM surcharge sticker as well. A store owner should NEVER give the card user money out of pocket, you may not get it back !

6. What happens when an ATM machine does not work ?

We have a 24 / 7 telephone technical support team on our toll free phone number and we will help you solve most ATM problems over the phone at no cost to you.

If you need a service technician at your storefront then we can arrange for a local representative to come to your retail store. ATM service repair fees for a technician to come to your physical location will vary depending on parts and labor as well as the area of the location.

7. What are my expenses when owning an ATM ?

You will need to pay a one time charge for purchasing the ATM machine system or your monthly lease payment if you are leasing the equipment. You will also have to provide a telephone line or internet connection for the ATM machine at your store. There are no monthly fees for ATM processing or per transaction costs.

8. Do I get online access for ATM transaction reporting ?

Yes. You will have a username and password that you can login to view your ATM transactions in real time. The online ATM reporting portal will enable you to have complete control over your ATM machine hardware and ATM software as well. It will allow you to make adjustments and changes to the system and also enable you to review transactions at a glance and calculate profits. You will also be able to setup alert notifications to notify you of various things such as low cash balance and if there is a bill jam. You can choose to receive the ATM alerts via email or text message.

9. Are the ATM machines purchased used ?

All of the ATM machine terminals that we sell are brand new with a full manufacturers warranty from the company.

10. Are the ATM machines for sale EMV / ADA / PCI / Triple Des compliant ?

Yes. all of the ATM equipment that we sell are ADA, PCI, EMV, and Triple Des compliant.

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