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Find a  Location that Needs an ATM Machine
If you are a motivated individual with capital to invest then becoming an ISO agent in the ATM machine business is the right opportunity for you. The ATM business is a simple way to make the money you have into more money. It is an independent operation that you can start with under $5,000.00. You can find a restaurant or retail storefront for your first ATM machine and start rotating whatever amount of cash in any one denomination into that terminal system. (we suggest $20 dollar denominations)
Buy an ATM Machine from ATM Express
The automated teller machine equipment is inexpensive and a new basic model ATM machine solution can cost around $2,000.00. The vault cash funds that you put into the terminal are deposited back into your bank account the next day including your surcharge profits from each debit card transaction at your ATM machine. 
Negotiate Deal with Business Owner at the Location
You will be able to setup the surcharge profit at whatever you choose depending on state regulations. If there are no regulations in your state then you can set it yourself with no limit. In most cases the business owner whose retail location you are installing the ATM machine at would like a piece of the profit from the ATM representative. You can negotiate whatever deal you would like with the merchant from your surcharge profits. You can cut him a check at the end of the month or have the amount per transaction deposited directly into his bank account each day or monthly.

For instance, If you setup a location with a $2.00 surcharge and give the business owner .50 cents per transaction. You would receive the $1.50 per transaction and he would receive the .50 cents per transaction from the $2.00 surcharge next day deposited into each bank account separately. 
Programming and Installing ATM Machine
You will be fully trained over the phone with our tech support team on how to install and program ATM equipment as well as properly load cash into the machine. You will also have a real time online reporting system that you can view transactions throughout the day and get low balance text or email alerts when your ATM machines are running low. You will have an agent support and technical support department that will be available to help walk you through any situation 24 / 7.
Put Cash inside the ATM Machine and Make Money !
The ATM machine business is a great way to make money from cash you have that might not be invested. It is a low risk high reward business and once the machine is fully paid off from your surcharge profits.... IT'S ALL PROFIT !
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